Step 1

Register & Generate License

Go to and create your personal Kickstart account. Log in to your account at and generate a trial license key. Download the license key into the .kickstart folder in your user's home directory - create the directory if (probably) not present:


Step 2

Download & Install Kickstart

Download Kickstart from The package contains a ready-to-run self installer script that downloads, installs and runs Magnolia with Kickstart locally. 

Unzip it to a directory of your choice. Change into the kickstart directory and execute the shell script:

cd kickstart
Windows Users

Windows users please be kind with us: we not yet provide an installer. Please get in touch with your power shell in the meantime. Just paste in what's contained in the script, it's a Maven command.

The command executed by the script will download and install all artifacts required to run Magnolia locally. The script also downloads an Apache Tomcat, starts it and deploys a Kickstart Magnolia demo.

Go to Magnolia AdminCentral ,  log in using the infamous superuser/superuser . You should see the Kickstart demo page.

Step 3

Go Kickstart

Open the Kickstart templates folder located under module/src/main/resources/mgnl-resources (wait, there's a shortcut:)

cd kickstart-templates

In order to start playing with Kickstart open demo.html in your favorite IDE oder editor.

open demo.html

It's Kickstart time: insert your first Kickstart, e.g. try a <kickstart:field name="gugu"/> in some area or component. You can instantly see the results by switching back to  Magnolia again, pressing reload and editing the page.

Go ahead and read on in the documentation.

Have fun!