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Kickstart Eases Magnolia Development

Imagine skipping the annoying part of Magnolia CMS development and starting with the fun part right away. From a static prototype, Kickstart generates all your Magnolia configurations. 

No template definitions, no dialog definitions, no template scripts to set. Your static prototype code and dynamic template scripts always remain synchronized.
Too good to be true?

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Save Time = Save Money

The equation is quite simple. Kickstart will save you a lot of money. You will spend a little more time adding Kickstart markup, but a lot less with backend and templating work. In the end, Kickstart will reduce the expenditure on each of your Magnolia projects by 20% or even more. And in addition, they are easier to maintain, require less testing and will work simply better

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Relaunch of Micros Sélection

YMC provides frontend publishers of Migros a new content editing experience by using mgnlKickstart.


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